We’re not Your
average food Pantry. 

We provide people in need with a fresh food that they can pluck off the shelves and place into their

Donate Bags Of Groceries

We make helping feed families in Clayton as easy as one, two, three, four


Help Families In Need

Donate Monthly

Your automatic monthly donations feed Clayton families in need. Your recurring donation provides relief to families and individuals who need help. You can go beyond one time grocery bag donations.

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Support Cam Growth

Donate Quarterly

We adapt to the changing needs of our community. Your automatic quarterly donations help CAM remain agile. There are many moving parts and great people who make this operation what it is. You can support them.

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Can Your Business Support CAM?

Absolutely. Your monthly recurring donations with CAM make a real difference the people who live right here in our community.

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Our Local business partners

Continually bridging those gaps to provide much needed relief to local families and individuals in their time of need. Your generosity is appreciated more than we could ever express. Thank you.

Let’s keep in touch

For questions please contact us at [email protected] or by clicking the button below. To get here simply click the button for directions.

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